The World of Stevia


Now your recipes can be So Sweet and still leave you without health issues. Get your sweet tooth out of its hiding and dig in...


Fight obesity, diabetes and irregular blood sugar level and look at the good things that life has in store for you. You are as healthy as you think you are.


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‘So Sweet’ is really so sweet that it has enabled me to not miss my sweets in my "sugarless diet".

It has helped me in three ways i.e.
1) reducing my blood sugar levels.
2) helping me and my family in our Battle of the Bulge.
3) in reducing my Cholesterol levels from 295 to 155

My blood sugar levels have come down so much so that my sugar medicine dosages are reducing consistently. I have learnt to innovate in my cooking and I find myself taking a few "Sugar Free Dessert" classes in my society.


Ms. Rita Mathur