About So Sweet

About So Sweet


The World of Stevia


Now your recipes can be So Sweet and still leave you without health issues. Get your sweet tooth out of its hiding and dig in...


Fight obesity, diabetes and irregular blood sugar level and look at the good things that life has in store for you. You are as healthy as you think you are.



Gaining momentum to become one of the most popular sweeteners in India, ‘So Sweet’ has become a favourite with nutritionists and people everywhere. Testimonials posted by actual consumers validate the increasing usage and importance of ‘So Sweet’ in the lives of millions around India. Let’s see what Stevia lovers have to say about ‘So Sweet’.
"I have been using Stevia for about 3 years. I love the way it dissolves in both hot and cold foods. After a short adjustment period (a few days) to the very slight difference in sweet flavor from sugar, I am sold on the use of So Sweet Stevia to control sugar intake. And it being a natural product adds to my comfort and confidence in using it".

Vice Admiral Harinder Singh

"As a diabetic I always worried about one thing……Am I taking chemicals to cure my diabetes. Isn’t there anything natural that cures my diabetes without harming my body? Then I came to know about ‘So Sweet’. ‘So Sweet’ is made from the extract of the plant ‘Stevia rebaudiana’. I decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. It delivered everything it said it would and more. Now I eat and drink without any guilt. So Sweet is worth trying. "

Mr. Ramesh Modi

"If you are looking for help in managing weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and simply nourishing the pancreas, as well as 'just naturally' reducing your craving for sweets and fats, 'try 'So Sweet' '. I have been giving it to my patients and the results are in congruence with the promises."

Ms. Deepika Dua

"I'm in charge of physical fitness and my unit and I encourage my members to stay in shape and work out and whenever I get questions about ordering supplements I always direct them to 'So Sweet'. So Sweet, being a natural zero calorie and zero carb sweetener is ideal for those who want to stay fit and lead a healthy life. It also reduces craving for sugar and tobacco, thus ideal for youngsters as well".

Ms. Veena Sharma
(Gold Gym Instructor)

" ‘So Sweet’ is really so sweet that it has enabled me to not miss my sweets in my "sugarless diet".

It has helped me in three ways i.e.
1) reducing my blood sugar levels.
2) helping me and my family in our Battle of the Bulge.
3) in reducing my Cholesterol levels.
My blood sugar levels have come down so much so that my sugar medicine dosages are reducing consistently. And I have found my cholesterol level come down from 295 to 155, and that is without any special attention to this factor in my diet besides the typically normal restrictions which are normally followed(sic).

Since use of Stevia eliminates use of sugar, it has definitely helped in reducing weight. I learnt to innovate in my cooking and I find myself taking a few "Stevia Dessert Classes" in my society. "

Ms. Rita Mathur