Lifestyle Quiz


The World of Stevia


The Recipes in our Stevia Sweet Recipes were designed carefully and tested to help your stevia dishes taste great the first time.


Stevia is dietrely suppliment that helps balance blood sugar and blood pressure!



1. How regularly do you exercise?

I exercise everyday
I exercise 3 to 4 times a week
As and when I get the time
I don`t have time for exercise

2. What is your daily eating schedule?

I eat 3 meals a day
Depends on the diet I am following
I eat at periodic intervals in a day
I eat irregularly, usually on the run

3. How long do you sleep at night, including the naps?

8 hours or more
Approximately 7 hours
Approximately 6 hours
Less than 6 hours

4. Do you prefer `take-out meals` and fast foods?


5. Is your lifestyle balanced?

Balanced: I have rather manageable responsibilities, I get sufficient time to spend with my family,
        and I do at least one activity that nurtures my soul
Little Bit Imbalanced : Though I have something of everything, yet there is a little bit of excess in               responsibilities and a little less time to spend with family
Imbalanced. I have no time for myself or my family and I have too many responsibilities
Imbalanced. I have lack of responsibilities and in fact I don`t do anything that challenges me

6.Does your day begin with a breakfast?


7. How much water do you consume daily?

1-2 glasses
2-3 glasses
More than 3 glasses
1-2 liters

8. How often do you take alcohol?

Every evening
I drink 2 to 3 alcoholic beverages
I try but find it difficult to stick to any limits

9. What is your opinion about diets?

I eat some vegetables and fruits daily, I eat other foods too but I think I can eat a little healthier
I follow a poor diet that includes excess sugar as well as fat and lacks fruits and protein
I only eat fast foods and drink colas and there are no vegetables in my diet
I eat a healthy and nutritious diet which has all the elements needed by body

10. Are fats important for the body?


11. What is your daily caffeine consumption?

Zero. I don`t consume tea, coffee, cola or chocolate
Little. I drink a cup of tea, coffee or cola in a day and eat little chocolate
Some. I usually drink 2 to 3 cups of tea, coffee or cola and eat small quantities of chocolate
Too much. I take 4 or more cups of tea, coffee or cola and without it I would suffer withdrawal        symptoms