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About Us


The World of Stevia


Now your recipes can be So Sweet and still leave you without health issues. Get your sweet tooth out of its hiding and dig in...


Fight obesity, diabetes and irregular blood sugar level and look at the good things that life has in store for you. You are as healthy as you think you are.


Director's Biography

Let's know about the person who brought Stevia to India :

Stevia is not a business. It is a cause.

Piyush Mittal, a CA by qualification, Director on Board of several companies is hardly the type you would associate with Stevia. However, it was a chance encounter with Stevia and he was sold to the idea. India not so proudly leads the world in diabetics, obesity and a host of lifestyle diseases and yet nobody in the country knows about Stevia. Someone had to pioneer it and he chose to do it. Contrary to his business sense, he got into Stevia without a business plan but a Mission. First few years were spent educating the people, educating food companies and personally experimenting with the product. Conviction is contagious. Companies and individuals started asking for Stevia. First signs of change were visible. The Mission is far from over but the journey has begun.