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Stevia is dietrely suppliment that helps balance blood sugar and blood pressure!




Calorie is the basic building block that is essential for the performance of any bodily function. Movement in any form along with the internal functioning of the body`s biological system requires energy. Much like a mechanized machine or even a manually operated implement, some amount of energy is imperative for its functioning.

Now more than ever it is important to take note of what you consume and as they say `You are what you eat`, it is extremely important that you start making the necessary healthy choices today.
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The human body is an immensely complex bio-mechanical system, so the amount of calories required for a person may vary based on aspects like age, weight or activity. Although a rough estimate can be obtained by using generalized data about physical activity, height, age and amount and type of food and beverage consumed, Calorie Requirement Calculator is a simplified tool that calculates the approximate calories that are required by your body. The results that are generated are not totally accurate and are meant to act only as basic guidelines.