About Stevia

About Stevia


The World of Stevia


Now your recipes can be So Sweet and still leave you without health issues. Get your sweet tooth out of its hiding and dig in...


Fight obesity, diabetes and irregular blood sugar level and look at the good things that life has in store for you. You are as healthy as you think you are.



Stevia: Usage Of The Herbal sweetener

Stevia extract is zero calories, healthy, organic and can replace sugar in almost all food and beverage products. It is beneficial for both Diabetic and Weight watchers who wish to reduce sugar intake. The primary use of Stevia as a sweetener is to enhance the deliciousness of food and drinks. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, Stevia is heat stable up to 200°C and thus can be cooked, boiled or baked like sugar.





Here is a list of some of its delicious range of usage:


•    Soft drinks and fruit juices


•    Jams, sauces and pickles


•    Table top sweetener for tea, coffee and beverages


•    Weight-watchers diets


•    Pastries, pies, baking


•    Ice cream, yoghurts, sherbets


•    Alcoholic beverage


•    Jellies and desserts


•    Chewing gum


•    Candies and confectioneries


•    Diabetic diets


•    Sea foods and vegetables